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GlobalB Law Practice Areas

IT Law

Our mission is to instill confidence in the rule of law for our clients. The Republic of Turkey has very strict measures in place to deal with identity theft, copyright infringement, spoofing and hacking. We ensure that long arm of the law extends to those who have caused harm to your business or your partners. GlobalB Law will make sure that those who infringe on the intellectual property of our clients are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

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Blockchain Law 

The use of blockchain, ICO projects, and smart contracts raises significant legal questions. And its application is now being considered for all parts of the financial system. As an evolving dynamic law firm, We provide solutions and consultancy on legal issues regarding, The legal enforceability of smart contracts and Jurisdictional and applicable law issues of Blockchain.

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Cryptocurrency Adoption


We always follow global trends and marketplace evolution. Cryptocurrency, also known as digital currency, is a new payment and investment instrument. Our firm is specialized in specific legislation, adopted rules, or provided guidance on the regulation of cryptocurrency. 

GlobalB Law does not underestimate the adverse effect regulatory uncertainty has on cryptocurrency adoption; laws concerning the governance of cryptocurrencies are constantly being rewritten and governmental attitudes are fickle. Our legal experts cut through the bureaucratic red tape so that our clients can  achieve their objectives.

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Social Media Law

Our attorney team addresses all issues where social media and the law intersect, including in local, national, and cross-border transactions and disputes.


We provide our clients with critical guidance to ensure their social media uses confirm with existing legal precedent, as well as regulations governing the fields of intellectual property, advertising and marketing and more.

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International Trade Law

Our legal experts will help your business assess concerns regarding import and export prohibitions, quantitative restrictions on imports, surveillance, and other restrictive import regulations so that you can navigate Turkey's ever-changing regulatory environment with confidence. 

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We advise athletes, intermediaries, investors, clubs sponsors, events organisers and sports , esports governing bodies


We represent individual and corporate creditors and debtors in financial restructurings, workouts, bankruptcy cases and other matters involving financially distressed transactions. 


We represent both individuals and corporations, creditor and debtor alike. As CKR Law International's official representative for bankruptcy matters in the Turkey region, our seasoned legal experts have the required expertise to resettle debt to our clients' satisfaction. 

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Immigration Law

GlobalB Law is a practice focused on immigration and naturalization law. We concentrate in all matters of immigration law, including business, family, removal defense, and citizenship.

Labor Law 

GlobalB is a highly specialized law firm dealing with all cases related to compensation, claims, mobbing and other labor law for employees and employers.

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Corporate Law

We provide legal advice to local and international companies.These include domestic and international sales and trade matters such as commercial sales, transportation, distribution and agency, factoring, joint venture, manufacturing, service and production agreements. 

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Family Law

We covers all issues around children and family law, including personal relationships, relationship breakdown and children in the context of divorce or separation. 

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Criminal Law​​

Our Firm considers its strengths in specialization, its experience and the complementarity of its practitioners as essential to enabling its intervention in complex cases that require a judicial  combination of criminal and business lawyer skills making it possible to represent our clients in all cases. 

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