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e-sports ındustry

E-sports is an industry that is developing out of traditional sport branches and it is increasing its mass and economical volume day by day. Even though it has entered our lives recently, its popularity has increased in a linear way. Such that, tournaments organized in small businesses - such as Internet cafes- with limited mass and limited financial means in early 2000's, have become an industry that reaches millions of people and has a significant amount of economic activity. According to the market researchers, e-sports has become a dynamic sector that reaches half a billion people and has a volume about 1.5 billion dollars. In the light of all these factors, it can be concluded that e-sports has already formed its own culture. As we mentioned in the first sentence, it would not be too ambitious to say that e-sports is separated from the sports branches that I call traditional and started to form its own tradition.

why globalb?
Why GlobalB 

Due to the features we (GlobalB family) explained above, it is clear that e-sports is related to many branches of law. As a matter of fact, legal arrangements are made for e-sports sector im some countries recently (For instance, Law No: 2016-1322, which entered into force in 2016 in France). In our country, there are no laws directly regulating the issue of e-sports, but studies for e-sports law continue at full speed. Based on this, an e-sports federation called TEFSED was established and a bridge between large organizers and teams was created. Apart from this, in the IT Law Symposium organized by Istanbul Bar Association on March 1, 2019, the title "E-sports and law" was discussed deeply. These developments prove that there is a certain awareness in Turkish law in the field of e-sports law and that legal studies will be carried out in the future. As the GlobalB family, we aim to provide a distinguished legal service to the actors of this giant industry.

our services


Prevention of conflicts that may arise in terms of sponsorship with brand creation and marketing of advertising and promotion areas. 


Arrangement of service / broadcast agreements to be established between publishers and organization companies and professional e-sports players, e-sports publishers, and teams.

Rıght of publıcıty

Protection of the rights of professional e-sports players within the scope of rights of publicity.

Resolving copyright law problems that will arise due to the publication in which a part of it is inherent.

crımınal law

Protection of rights against administrative sanctions, doping, and other penalties that e-sports players and teams my face within the framework of criminal law.



As one of Turkey’s most prominent law firms in the fintech area, with its young, dynamic and experienced team, GlobalB understands and specifies your needs and eagerly works for your company.

In this area where legislative changes take place rapidly, our team closely and carefully follows every development and find the perfect solution for your problem and ease you with result.

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having more than 5 years of experience in law , our team can help you solve your problem and help you live a better life in turkey. our skilled team in different sectors of law, maritime, block chain, family problems, migration and etc. If you have law problems contact our team from the forum below 


Nowadays having young team in law is a benefit cause they are more eager to win the cases and help other people in order to grow. with courage and eagerness our team can escalate the process of solving every problem. Be calm and leave your problem to us.


Every problem needs its own solution. with our solution oriented team  we can find the perfect solution for your problem and  ease you with the result.


GlobalB is a member of CKR and it's based in US, it has relationship with other countries in Europe. so if you want to do your job world wide and communicate with other country you need a global law bureau to help you access other countries and do your business or solve the problem globally




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