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Beyza Baş

Intern Lawyer  of GlobalB Law 

Beyza is a graduate of Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Law with partial scholarship. While she was the President of Bilgi University Law Faculty Club, she also served as the director of the faculty magazine, and took part in her career days as team leader and teammate. She earned her master's right while she was an undergraduate student. Courses, which were suspended due to Covid-19, will continue when the spring term is reopened. She is currently studying Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies at Berkeley University, and will complete the training on December 1.


Beyza works on Corporate and Contracts Law, Fintech Companies, Blockchain Technology, Smart Contract, Big Data, Online Harassment and Rights Violations, Personal Data Protection and GDPR.

Taking part in many social responsibility projects, Beyza has been involved in projects as a field officer, especially on children's rights, women's rights and juvenile prisoners, and has worked voluntarily in prison projects.

Beyza, which is related to today's banking system, which has evolved from the traditional Payment Methods, took part in the teams carrying out regulation studies in this field as a teammate during the development phase.


She continues to write articles about current issues on the Cryptowomen platform.

Seminars / Certified Programs

  • Data Privacy, Security and Monetization-Global Trends Dr. Lothar Determann (Baker McKenzie) 


  • The Unforeseen in International Construction Contracts 

  • Symposium: 2nd Istanbul Privacy Symposium: Law, Ethics and Technology 

  • Generization Issue in Brands 


  • FIDIC Conditions of Contract Certificate Program
    Elliott Geisinger (President, Swiss Arbitration Association) 


  • Compatitive Law Certificate Program 


  • Creative Writing and Diction Workshops Competency Development Program


  • An Overview of the Last 20 Years in Combating Child Labor: Statistics, Policies and Practices

  • Information and Technology Law Legislation and Applications in Finance Sector - Online Seminar Program (Mustafa Aydın, Head of BRSA Information Systems Compliance Department)


  • IT SPEECHES: Worldwide Online Content Control and Data Localization (Organized by Istanbul Bilgi University Information and Technology Law Institute, it is an invited event only)


  •  KVKK Certified Specialization Camp (GlobalB & Turkish-German University)


  • Berkeley ( University of California) : Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies (She will complete her education on 1 December.) 


  • Blockchain Based Global Payment Systems etc. Traditional Payment Methods


  • Investing in Bitcoin in the Covid Era


  • Child Abuse: Non-Governmental Organizations and the State


  • From Traditional Banking to Open Banking: Fintech

  • Private Life Matters: "" Prisoners' Private Life "


  • Storage / Destruction Periods of Personal Dat

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